Won Kim+Zoe Rabinowitz+Young Hoon Oh+Tim Motzer
5.27th(Fri) 6PM, 29th(Sun) 5PM
Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall
Won Kim studied modern dance at Ewha Womans Univeristy in Korea, and have been an exchange professor at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (U.S.A.), the University of Paris VIII (France), and Kinki University (Osaka, Japan). She also lectured at Dancebox (Kobe, Japan), Kyoto Arts Center (Japan), Jin Xing Dance Theater (Shanghai, China), Studio Harmonic (Paris, France), participated in international collaborations, and researched and performed at various national and international dance festivals. Currently Kim is professor at Chonbuk National University, and board member of Contemporary Dance Association of Korea and the Modern Dance Promotion of Korea.
Zoe Rabinowitz is an independent choreographer and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. Her pieces have been shown at Lincoln Center in New York, Dance Theatre Workshop, and West End Theatre, and received Manhattan Community Arts Fund in 2016. Since 2005, Zoe has worked as the assistant director of Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre, an artistic troupe performing in U.S.A. and Palestine.
Young Hoon Oh is the president and artistic director of Dance Traveler. Currently based in New York, Oh performs at international venues including 92nd Street Y (New York), La mama Theater (New York), and Bergen PAC (New Jersey). Oh has been interested not only in art dance but also in community and therapeutic performances, which lead him to participate in the artistic troupe called “Blue Capsule” for a long time. In recent years, he has presented new performances via site-specific and hybrid performances nationally and internationally.
Tim Motzer, Known for his distinctive sound texture, Tim Motzer is a guitarist based in Philadelphia. Conducting world tours and collaborating with various artists for 17 years, he is credited in more than 70 albums. Also, he is acknowledged as Prepared Guitar (Madrid, Spain), listed as one of the 300 Modern Guitarists in the World. Tim has composed for video, film, and modern dance, and currently composes for modern dancers at the University of the arts in Philadelphia.
< Alongside+ >
We, so different from each other, stand alongside
Night without sound, day without light
Touching the air, and withstanding time
He moves to the faraway sound
Stepping ahead I become him
Sharing time and filling space
We stand alongside, similarly yet differently
Yield, understand, and resemble each other
Finally know each other
The work deals with the understanding and consideration that are the prime value for the people in the world. It explores the sharing of recognition that comes out of the exchange among people based on the individual free thinking. Also, the work suggests an example that horizontal, not vertical, relationship among people.
Creator Won Kim, Zoe Rabinowitz, Young Hoon Oh, Tim Motzer
Producer Sinae Park
Manager Yeji Kim
Dramaturgy Sook Hyun Han
Costume Jea Young Yang
Length 25min