Maum-sori (sound of feelings)

CHOI Myung-Hyun
5.27th (Fri) 6PM
Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall
Choi Myung Hyun is a Choreographer who contemplate on physical and psychological aspects. He searches for the meaningful way and suggests the appropriate way of life. He established "MYUNG"(Dance Company) in 2010. He also works as the stage designer for his creative works and he has accumulated his all related experiences such as stage lighting, stage art in the field. He has been interested in the construction of the co-relationship between sound and movement. He has been studying the movement which the performer can show sensuous description, emerging from the patterned method. He has received "Next Generation Choreographers' Class- 2012 ARKO Performing Arts Incubation" held (organized) by Hanguk Performing Art Center (HanPAC) and he won the Grand prize for choreography at 2012 from "Young Choreographer`s Creative Performance Competition" organized by The Korea Dance Association. He was selected as the winner of the 6th Seoul Dance Collection (organized) by Hanguk Performing Art Center (HanPAC).
Maum-sori (sound of feelings) > is about "Emotion" which can be found in the flaw between our body and rationality. When the emotional standard value is 0, it can be increased and decrease due to its unstable statue. I have not heard the emotional sounds. As the sources of our body are from both ration and emotion, I try to express those feelings filtered through the body.
Choreography, Dance CHOI Myung-Hyun
Length 20min