A! man - Inside the Room

Dance Project Tan Tanta Dan, Jin-han Choi
5.25th (Wed) 8PM
Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall
Jin-han Choi
As a choreographer and dancer, Jin-han Choi graduated from the Dance selection of the College of Arts at Hansung University and the Graduate School of Arts at Hansung University (Major in Choreography). Beginning with at the 16th Modern Dance Debut Performance in 1999, he received the Newcomer Award from Contemporary Dance Association of Korea. As the president of a dance project, Tan Tanta Dan, he has shown his works at national and international festivals including SPAF, MODAFE, SIDance, Independent Art Festival, Young Choreographer Festival, Munrae Festival, Chuncheon Art Festival, Dance Triennale TOKYO(Japan), PORI Dance Festival(Finland), KUOPIO Dance & Music Festival, ALMAGRO Festival(Spain), 92Y Fridays at noon (US). His works shown at these festivals are [Afternoon of a Faun] [A!man] [Day Moon] [Day DAy O] [Puri-unravel] ["I Want You To Be Happy"] [The Play, A Kid Plays with Moonlight~], [Whose Birthday Is It!!!], [The Room in Red], [Wet Dream], and [True Heart]. Choi persues lively communication with the viewers. Beginning with the statement that there is no perfect communication among people, he asks questions, fills the gap, and creates drama that can be shared with the viewers on stage. According to him, dance is a breathing exercise in an open space, extracting individual thoughts that are dormant within him by rendering them as totalized images via movements. Choi received the Second Prize at the 40th National Contest of New Figures of Dance (2011), the Head-jury Prize for ‘Solo&Duet’ at Seoul Int’l Choreography Festival (2011), the Dance Act Prize from Dance Critics Association (2015), and the Best Dance Artist Prize from Dance Vision Awards (2016).
< A!MAN-inside the room >
Memory is something
That can be erased and forgotten while sleeping
All the moments and relations
That go by me mingles within me forming the life
Pushing the buoying remnants of the life
Into dusty wind
Forgotten time come and go like tides
Bind together me of yesterday and today.
After tidying up the room
The mind becomes so light like a piece of paper burning.
Willing to become soil to receive your touch
Like a strong voice of a newborn baby that safely endured nine months
Blow a puff of warm air into breath.
Since our lives still have flowers to bloom someday
It is not too late to take a step. 
Choreographer Jin-han Choi
Dancer Jin-han Choi, Choi Junghyun
Composer Eric Linder
Lighting Designer Chol-hee Kim
Administrator Jisoo Gook
Length 25min