SaRamHeunJeok:signs of the people

Choi Woo-Suk+Bae Min-Woo
5.25th (Wed) 8PM
Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall
Both Choi Woo-Suk and Bae Min-Woo completed undergraduate and graduate courses at Sejong University, and currently work at Tatmaroo Dance Company. As friends of 10 years, they are dancers aiming to express the message not with spectacle for show but with the understanding of and research on the body.
< SaRamHeunJeok: signs of the people >
We have invisible human traces.
The traces can fertilize the flower of death.
Consolidation to mind.
Where is haven to restore the anxious mind?
Aren’t we slandering each other and leave human traces to someone again?
Is there any trace of innocence even in the dirt of a life?
We have invisible innocence.
That innocence can fertilize a flower.
Choreography , Dance Choi Woo-Suk, Bae Min-Woo
Length 20min