madeindance company
5.24th(Tue) 8PM
Arko Arts Theater, Main Hall
Madeindance Company is an artists’ group based in Seoul. The company experients with idiosyncratic modes of representation found in Korean and Asian movements and traditions in order to widening the scope of performing arts. 
Grasping ordinary lives of human beings as well as its poetic sensibilities reflecting prototypical and ontological levels, it expands the territory of dance into physical performance that combines dance, performance, and physical acting.
In order to escape from oneself, one should move forward by controlling one’s mind and breaking through oneself. In order to have proper movements, one should not let the mind dance. Because one should dance with mental freedom, not with willpower. Even this free moment becomes confusing and reaches to the moment of knowing nothing. The only way to overcome this is to “repeat” with no desire. Persevering endless “repetitions,” one may encounter “the thing” in which everything seems so vain. 
Choreography Lee Yeon Soo
Dance Choi Yeonwoo, Do Jeongwon, Cho Yedam
Stage Yang Dongju
Music Yang Yongjun
Costume Park So Youn, Lee Mi Lan
Concept Shim Kyu Man
Length 20min