Don’t Sigh

5.24th(Tue) 8PM
Arko Arts Theater, Main Hall
Physical Design Performance Company approaches all the physical spaces in terms of design. It sketches space via the body and colors it with sound and light. PDPC thinks human body as the instrument of space composition. Within this space, bodies become architecture.
An Youngjun
As a distinctive dancer who has drawn the attention of renowned choreographers, An Youngjun
became a choreographer with concentration and potential. He creates solid, organized, free, and dynamic movements. An makes choreographic works with intense and highly structured movements, while inviting the viewers with easy-to-understand works in collaboration with artists of other genres. PDPC repertoires reveal An’s characteristics that are blunt yet dense.
<Don’t Sigh>
Sigh = indetoxication of breath = clarifying process that indigested things inside come out.
People regularly breathe and unconsciously sigh shallow or deep breathes.
While drinking and chatting with acquaintances, I heard short and long sighs in turn in a momentary silence.
Someone peevishly scolded not to sigh.
At that moment, indefinable sensations surrounded my body.
Choreographer An Youngjun
Dancer Kim Yujung, Shin Aram, An Youngjun, Lee Jusung, Lee Hyosun, Han Shinae
Art Director Novo
Music Director Shirosky
Producer Chu Yewon
Length 20min