What Are You Doing

Seoul Dance Theater
5.22nd (Sun) 5PM
Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall
Joonyong Bae
As an artistic director of Seoul Dance Theatre, Joonyong Bae creates experimental works that communicate in the diversely changing culture. Collaborating with artists beyond the boundary of dance, he has presented many works including (2014, Festival Silk-Road for Performing Art), , (18th Critics's Choice), (2014, International Collaboration Performance). Also working as the president of Digital content Arts Management, which is a convergence content performance management, he served as the dance director for the eve performance for the 70th anniversary of Independence Day in Korea. 
< What are you doing?>
Ask about the current condition. Ask about the reason.
Ask about the thought. Say hello.
Ask what to do.
Ask negatively.
Make sarcastic remarks. Ask unpleasantly.
Ask with rage. Ask curiously. 
Ask about the vague thing in future. 
Don’t ask. I also don’t know. 
Choreography Joonyong Bae
Dance Samin Oh, Chanyong Hwang, Youngjun Choi, Heejun Kim, Joonyong Bae
Music Chanyong Hwang
Dramaturgy Saelom Min
Video Digital content Arts Management (DAM)
Length 20min