Laboratory Dance Project
5. 21st (Sat) 5PM
Arko Arts Theater, Main Hall
Laboratory Dance Project, Established in 2001, LDP is an international dance project aiming to present dance in Korea with global network. Since its creation, LDP has played a significant role in enhancing the value of art by creating repertoires emphasizing in-depth art philosophy and communication with its own style and experimental challenge.
Dong-gyu Kim show artistic balance by presenting highly technical movements with supple and natural patterns. As a choreographer, he creates dance works that are easy and interesting to the public. He is particularly proficient at breaking the convention and exploring the unknown possibilities.

Human unconsciousness is equipped with an apparatus to instinctively protect oneself. Inner trauma vanishes in response to other’s ‘kindness’, and we become to understand each other when we can reveal ‘mind’(MAUM in Korean) to others. It is unconscious to ‘be mindful of something.’ The work searches for the answer for ‘understanding each other.’ Because the fact that we get hurt means that we eagerly want something.
Beyond basic survival needs, we want to secure autonomy, or one’s own space. Various desires cannot be satisfied, only leaving wounds and traces when crashing with others’ desires. Through these wounds, we come to learn and understand the world. We become to understand the world only when we can abandon the self-defense in unconsciousness and reveal one’s ‘mind.’
Choreography Dong-gyu Kim
Dance Nam-keun An, Won-ho Jang, Jong-won Chun, Sun-tae Lee, Sung-hyun Kim, Hyuk Kang, Na-ra Yoon, Jong-kyung Lim, Gun Jung, Woo-sang Jeon, Set-byeol Lim, Bo-ram Kim, Soo-in Kim, Log-yee Jung, Yoon-joo Han
Sound Design Hyoung-min Kim
Costume Design In-sook Choi
Length 25min