Moving Violence_ Episode 2

Dance Company MooE
5. 21st (Sat) 5PM
Arko Arts Theater, Main Hall
Kim Sung Yong was the youngest gold award winner in the Donga Dance Concour, which is one of the most prestigious concour in Korea. He was also the first Korean to win a silver medal after advancing into the final in an international dance concour the3rd Japan International Ballet & Modern Dance Competition in Japan. He was selected as the best choreographer in the Young Choreographer Production Performance in 2003, and received the best Korean dancer award from Dance Vision Korea in 2008. He was nominated as one of the best 5 dancers in Korea in 2011 and won the Korean Dance Art Award in choreography as well as Dance Vision Korea’s Best Choreographer Award in 2013. Also in 2013, he won award in 5 categories for performing “Cho-In” at the most respected dance event, the 34th Seoul Dance Festival, in Korea. His records serve as a evidence that Kim Sung Yong has gained recognition as one of the best dancers and the best choreographers in Korea.
In 2014-2015 season Kim Sung Yong has choreographed “KAYA-Unspeakable” for the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company and at the same time he is collaborating with Japanese choreographer Shirai Tsuyoshi and photographer Araki Nobuyoshi hosted by Kyoto Performing Arts Center in Japan. This dance work with Shirai Tsuyoshi was premiered at Kyoto performing arts Center in September 2015 and performed at Setagaya Public Theater in Tokyo in February 2016.
< Moving Violence_ Episode 2 >
The second piece of series which choreographer Kim Sung Yong is telling about violence.
Through the series of Moving violence, he tells the structural violence derived from our own human society by a duet of man and woman on the stage.
Things which seem like being nonviolent also can be violent.
History of violence is still experiencing and travels stronger than ever, but the majority of people are keeping extremely cruel silent.
I face myself fell into pain that eyes of pressing and turning away makes, and it looks no way out.
Choreographer KIM SUNG YONG
Length 20min