Spark Place #2

Young Choreographers’ contest
5.20th(Fri) 8PM
Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall
Noh Hwa Yeon   < EgoTrip >
With a hat, sunglasses, and a bracelet,
Is it true that I stand out? Is my being so emphasized?
Without a hat, sunglasses, and a bracelet,
Is it true that I stand out? My self-respect is empowered.
Choreography Noh Hwa Yeon Dance Noh Hwa Yeon Photo Son so young Length 13min
Hee-hwon, Yang   < Unanswered Love >
While she shows no interest in me at all, I deeply yearn for her. Due to the deep yearning, I can see her in my dream and feel my heart pounding at the sight of her. The surrounding is filled with her. Having a casual talk with her, I stutter and flush. As with the first love, one-sided love seldom succeeds. That’s why it is so desperate.
Choreography Hee-hwon, Yang Dance Hee-hwon, Yang Length 12min
Ga Young Lee   < Between >
The old and worn-out distance between you and me in which we cannot recognize each other even if we are so close.
Choreography Ga Young Lee Dance Kyum Ahn, Ga Young Lee Photo Sung Bok Choi Length 13min
Byung Jin Lee   < Attempt >

  What I think. What I want to speak of. What I believe I speak of.
What I speak of. What you want to hear. What you believe you hear.
What you hear. What you want to understand. What you believe you understand.
What you understand. There are these ten possibilities between my thought and your understanding. Thus, there are difficulties in our communication. Nevertheless, we must make an attempt.

Choreography Byung Jin Lee Dance Kim E-seul, Lee Byung Jin, Hong Eun Jee
Video, Photo Hyunjoo kim Length 13min