Spark Place #1

Young Choreographers’ contest
5.19th (Tue) 6PM
Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall
Heunmin Kim   < 50euro table >
The man that I saw yesterday came back. He spilled coffee without fail. Why is that person mad at him?
Why does he seem so sad? Maybe it’s not me. Because I have been always here.... I won’t be broken even if you hit me so strong. Because I’m hard. The lady I saw yesterday seemed happy, but why should he be so sad? Should I also look sad?
Choreography Heunmin Kim Dance Hyangpyo Jo, Hyemi Park, Heunmin Kim Length 13min
Kim Hyea Yoon   < Are we together now? >
We see relationships come and go numerously in our life time.
We only remember how a relationship ends even if it is short or insignificant.
There exists an encounter with an end to itself just as parting exists because there is an encounter.
Our work depicts the way how two people experience both parting and encountering, but they end up parting.
However, we definitely want to show that a relationship manifests itself amongst separation.
Choreography Kim Hyea Yoon Dance Ryu Jin Wook, Kim Hyea Yoon
Music Kim Hyeong Min Length 13min
Park Gwanjeong   < talk >
‘I’ am here, but we are not here.
The work deals with the communication in the era of SNS. How many people do we actually talk with, instead of texting, today ? Don’t we unknowingly forget or lose speech, interaction, relation, and emotion ?
Choreography Park Gwanjeong Dance Kang Seunghyun ,Park Gwanjeong Length 13min
Yunshin Seo   < Trail of war >

  “What has war left to our body?”
Amongst the remnants of war, scar cannot be erased off.
People who died with no reason according to the logic of the haves, and Shell Shock.
Choreography Yunshin Seo Dance Yunshin Seo Length 10min
Jung-hyun Sohn   < Secret accompanying >

The work examines the number of 3, which is a twofold number holding both stability and instability.
There always exists a silent fight among three people as each of them avoid of being left alone. The work focuses on the furtive choice to find a secure place within the unstable relationship. It represents the essence of relationship by exploring movements of daily gestures while minimizing the movement virtuosity or dramatization.
Choreography Jung-hyun Sohn Dance Jung-soo Kim, Hye-sang Lee, Jung-hyun Sohn
Music Eun-hee Cho Sound Operator Kyeong-chul Choi Length 13min